A small room to improve a bit my interior lighting

The classroom I tried to make long time ago, ended bad, so I had to make some other interior, to better understand environment lighting. This scene I had to render with 1000 samples, and denoiser to get ok enough quality. Textures are procedural, except for couch, there I went for existing texture and “glue” it all around the mesh. From advice some people gave me in last failed project, I did used references ( for room https://prnt.sc/rusem2 ) except I skipped carpet, 2 pillows and the thing that was on the carpet. From plants I only tried to create cactus, others replaced with a vase and chalkboard ( https://prnt.sc/rusfyq and https://prnt.sc/rusgcp ). As HDRI for this project, I used 4K Venice Dawn 1 ( https://hdrihaven.com/hdri/?h=venice_dawn_1 ) but lighting bumped to 60 for brighter light.
So, what do you think ? What else, should I try to improve ?