A small scene - Someone might be watching.

Here’s a small scene i made yesterday, just for fun.

Tell me what you think!

Hey, it looks good in concept, but, you’ll notice the eye is kinda block and sharp. You might want to add a subsurf level. And try ambient occlusion or–at least–a back facing hemi-light to add some ambience.

Yeah i know, but it isn’t the eye thats sharp, it’s the “mechanical” part. See i used a nurbs circle to make it, and i can’t add sub-surfe to it, does anybody have some ideas of what i should do?

In Object mode (with the object selected), press Alt-C to convert it to a mesh. Then, you can use Set Smooth and add Subsurf.

Here’s the improved scene.
I have added ambien occ, even though i can’t use it very well, so i have chosen to go with the default values, witch turned out better then before. And i have added sub-surf and set smooth to the mechanical part of the eye.

How does it look?

sw007. The textures could use work, but as a beginner picture this is pretty good.