A Snowy day

A Snowy day

It’s been a while since I’ve embraced a more complex project. Seeing the blender cookie contest about tobots I decided it was the time to do it.
Since I’m not much of a concept artist, I asked Simon Stålenhag if he’d let me use one of his paintings as concept. (go see his website, he is great –http://www.simonstalenhag.se/ ) I love the down to earth felling of his paintings, making robots feel not like something futuristic or Sci-Fi but something that is real and simply are around us.
With that in mind i created this image.

Nice work engelik. I really like the ambience, i think you controlled it beautiffully. I also like the composition and framing, the bold retro-design of the machine, choice of sorrounding details and the sky bacground. Very nice.

I think you recreated his painting very well, and the modelling of all the bits and bolts looks spot on to me! Also, thanks for showing me his work, I’m completely enchanted by his paintings.

Wow I love this! well executed, a very faithful representation, and I love Simon Stålenhag’s style :slight_smile:

Wow, great work! I love Simon’s style as well as your 3D interpretation. What do you think about a collage together with some different perspective renders like Simon does on his homepage?

Excellent work :slight_smile:

Nice render and mood !

Simon Stålenhag seems to be a fantastic artist… wow !

Kind regards

I really enjoy this one! It reflects the concept art very well, and I love what you did with the snow shader. Captures the atmosphere perfectly!

Nicely done. Concepts are great. Good work !

Heh, I noticed that it was based on Simon’s artwork when I saw it in the thumbnail. You really nailed it I think, good job! :slight_smile:

Very nice. Your work is splendid!

Thanks for your kind words!
Yeah I’m pretty happy how the environment turned out. The snow in particular looks pretty nice, but i had to use 2 displacements (one for highs frequency details and one for low frequency ones) and a high subdivision rate for it to work.

glooblooz - yeah that does allow for a nice presentation:

I like it. Reminds me of Hoth. Good job.