A Strange Pet

My first own 3D project, I am relatively new to 3D and VERY interested! Appreciate serious critique and hope you have a good day :slight_smile:


Haha very cute! :smiley: awesome for a first project. Nice materials, smooth shapes. What did you use for lightning? :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Lightning setup looks like this:

I don’t know much about lightning, so I just tried to rebuild a typical studio situation. With a sun xD
Also I had to move the “Craah” closer to the camera so that it doesn’t cast a shadow on the ground.

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Looking great! and good idea, I believe it looks better too without it :slight_smile:

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Hi ! Really funny one . You can prevent objects from casting shadows though , in the Object properties >> Visibility > Ray visibility … ‘Shadow’ .

Then it will cast no shadow . For the ‘craah’ !

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Thank you! That will be really helpful for future projects!