A strechy problem.....

i’ve just got my second ever model about done and ready,with all the armature and stuff,tough my weight painting could use tons of work…but whenever i try to rotate some parts of the characters body,which are apperantly the most important and the ones im more likely to move,it has some strange streching problems…
whenever i move the model around the Z axis,the arm,handpalm and…well uhh,“fluffcuff” just strech in a ridicoules way that thins down the arm,the palm and the cuff in a way i don’t even want,rotating the hand around the Y axis makes the cuff morph into strange shape and the handpalm fatter,while in the X axis the rotating is completely fine
same the foot/shoe,but it only morphs in the Y axis while everything else is fine.
but i think a video worths a 10000 words,so i’ll just put a few demonstrations here

by the way,this is the first time im showing this model,so it might be nice to give some constructive critism.
P.S,i’ve just noticed the the bone im usually rotating streches by itself while i rotate it in the arm,not sure about the leg tough
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im not realy the one to cry for views all the time,but can you let me know if you’re atleast trying to help? i even put up videos so you won’t have to read this wall of text…
i know im a bit rude on this one,espacfully since it’s my only post,but it’s been 3/4 days and i havn’t realy got anything
edit:this comment was made for the sake of bumping,if any of you who read or will read this any time soon from now,please have my appologies,and thanks for helping
P.S,videos are viewable,and there might be 2 more comments from myself i accidently posted without noticing it’s under moderator approvance,please ignore those…

Possible reasons no one has responded:

  1. All your videos are private so no one besides you can see them.
  2. This is probably the most common question on the animation and rigging board. Have you looked at some of the other threads and made sure that in fact your problem is not one that has been answered already?

ignore this

1.for God’s sake im a freakin moron…well thanks for letting me know,the videos should be up now
2.it is? i’ve been looking for 5 pages of threads and never realy seen any answear…

that’s not realy the same problem i have here,my problem is that my entire arm suddenly turns annorex (might have spelled it wrong) when i move it around the Z axis and turns thin for some reason even when the scaling is locked…
same thing for the foot,but it just turns fatter when you move it around the Y axis
and your “this” link’s broken

It worked for me it’s a google search.
Can’t tell from your videos exactly what’s going on, please try one thing first - in the header for 3D view could you change the pivot point setting from ‘3Dcursor’ to ‘individual origins’ and try it again?

The mesh is not so important, it’s the armature view that could tell something and use octahedron to show direction of bone better, but best if you put the file up on pasteall.org if changing the PP doesn’t fix it.

that…didn’t make the cut…
and what’s that pasteall that you speak of,it sounds (and looks) creepy…

This type of things can happens if the rig or the mesh object is not set to scale of 1 before parenting. Check to see if it had scale of one. Make sure that mesh is clean, with no double verteces.

How did you parent the rig? Did you use Automatic weight? If so, mesh object should not have overlapping mesh or hole in it. Do you have any?

well i did use the automatic weights,but what’s a hole,you mean a part with no face?
EDIT:G-d bless you,your house,your family,your dog,ALL OF YOU,this just solved about 90% of my problems if not ALL of them,i think it would work out for me from now on (G-d help me if not)
but anyways,here’s a thanks times billion for you:
(times 1000000000000 to anyone else who tried helping/considered trying)