A stroke of luck?

Some how some way I managed to get a job as a web designer/developer, its not 3d or anything but its sure damn close enough. Its only part time, so I still need to wash dishes, but its just so awsome. I didn’t even think I had a chance, but the interview turned into almost 1 hour and 30 mins and just turn into a geek out fest ~~. Now I get to work in a really really nice office space for 3 days and wash dishes the other 4 ^-.

My dad’s not happy though, he’s mad that I am not considering college again (already droped out). Oh well maybe this will lead to newer things and blender may fall in at some point eheheh.

Congratulations Sutabi. Don’t worry about your Dad being angry about you not going to college. I went and it is really overrated. When you finish, you still have to find a job eventually anyway so you have done more than a lot of graduates I know.

I think college must have changed a lot since the previous generation because my family was pretty happy that I was the first in my family to go. But at the end of the day, I am actually the worst off out of all of them because the 4 years of my life I wasted in stupid pointless lectures, the rest of my family were securing their ground in the real world and with 4 years work experience, you can get a better job than a new graduate with no experience.

I think you’ve made the best choice and that is to do what you feel is right. If you start living your life according to other people’s rules you probably won’t be happy.

I had an interview like the one you had once but unfortunately, I had to drive to get to it and I arrived early. Good idea I thought but I was on a 1 hour parking meter so I was literally ending the interview myself to avoid a ticket. Needless to say I didn’t get that job.

Anyway, good luck in your new job, I’m sure it’ll beat washing dishes all day. No doubt one day, you’ll be paying someone else to wash your dishes. Probably me ;).

Dropping out of colledge isn’t really anything. John Carmack (he help make Doom) dropped out in his second year, and now in Time magizine he is 10th for one of the most influential people in technology.

Richard Branson, the guy that set up the Virgin Group, dropped out of highschool, and now he’s a multi-millionaire. But those are individuals. If stuff doesn’t work out, you can still fall back on your education if you have one.

Yeah there are million of individuals like that. Dont forget the 20 other ppl that “only” have the average way of living.

Education is a myth. I regret ever going to school. Should been working from the day I was 16 years old.

I’m made to ponder tech school.

Talking of drop outs, so did Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates:


Lol, they’re behind Satan, who is at 16.

Wozniak and Jobs were just stoned out of their minds when they invented the mac. edit: s/mac/apple

Bill Gates just had uber-incredible timing.

For every guy that dropped out of high school to become a millionare there are a thousand that are pumping gas somewhere.

What you need to realize is that the purpose of an education to be able to aquire the skills neccessary to obtain resources (i.e. money). Different careers require different amounts of education. Some require vocational training. Does it mean that the more educated you are the more you get paid? Absolutely not. Post-docs get paid worse than if your were working at mcdonalds and they are really, really, educated. Just understand what education you need to succeed in a target field and go for that. You don’t need to walk the path everyone else is walking.
I’ll tell you that some of the most successful people I know are painters and construction foremen that never went to school.