A summers morning

Hey guys!

So summer is finally arriving in Tasmania, Australia and I’m loving it! This is a scene I concocted in celebration.


its really empty but what you have is good so far

My intention was for it to be more a light study then an expose of objects, hence the very simple scene.

Wonderful! Five stars in every way. Seriously, not only is the light well captured, but I like the type of people living there that this picture suggests. Classy, but not really bothered. Don’t change a thing.

hmm im tryin to achieve the same effect in this idea i just drew out. Any tips on how i would go about acheiving the effect?

Summer? crazy planet, here we are entering the winter season…
I like the image, soft and warm…

yeah…its not that crazy. ahahaah XD its winter in Australia xD.
and i live in america O.o

@konfusekitty : Thanks alot! :slight_smile: I’m glad you appreciate it!

@oanav : Thanks, that soft warm lighting was what I was going for! :slight_smile:

beautiful image,it conveys what u intended.

was this made with the blender internal?

Nice work, is simple but nice

I love the sense of light and airiness of your piece:-) But I don’t understand the table, it looks to be long and very narrow and attached to the wall and the shadow from the leg looks like it tries to be a almost a real leg (as you can see at the top of the shadow some highlight and shadow of it’s own and then disappearing to all shadow toward the floor.

This is really lovely.
What renderer did you use? :slight_smile:

dreif: I think it’s because the rear leg is hidden by the one in front. It does look rather odd, and rather distracting once you notice the oddity. Camera needs to move about 40 cm to the left to resolve this (IMO, of course).

Lovely. Few elements but a deep feeling. This kind of images are hard to get, congrats.

Evil moon moose says empty…I say perfect. Internal render?

Greetings from Sydney.

This is nice. This has a Japanese, Ikibana feel to it. Simple, minimal, but beautiful. Great work, what renderer did you use?

Thanks for all the kind words guys its really appreciated! :slight_smile: The render engine is octane, with some post-pro in gimp:)

Very nice picture !

Can you try to render it with Cylces ? :wink:

Kind regards

that is really nice feeling