A team for the competition entry?

Hello folks,


I’m looking a 3D designers help with certain game objects, like a terrain objects and cockpit texturing.

My project is a BGE_AirRace flight game.

You can see my current state on this video:

Older one with sounds:

I’m just probing, if there are people, who are interested to form-up a small team to create the entry to the Mokazon’s 'Summer Game Competition ’ competition.

See the Mokazon’s post about the competition

My idea for the mini game entry

“The coastal supply helicopter challenge”

The first person co-axial cargo supply helicopter pilot duty.

Game controls
Mouse and keyboard for the steering & viewing

Pilot’s task
Successfully move the loads between the assigned points.

The base idea for the challenge

1.Goal. Rook state
Delivery successfully the loads to between the land bases.

2.Goal. Newbie state
Delivery successfully the loads to between land base and stationary ship.

3.Goal. Advanced state
Delivery successfully the loads to between land base and sailing ship.

4.Goal. Pro state
Delivery successfully the loads to between land base and sailing & rocking ship.

The pilot’s base is in remote ‘NoWhere’ islands land base, right next to nothing.

General FAIL condition
If you miss the time limit or miss the landing pad and/or landing is too hard, the mission is failed.

What I’m looking for
The 2D/3D designer/s to create a sliding sky dome, a low poly island areas, helicopter bases & ships objects.
The BGE logic brick designer/s to create the actual game play related issues.

I would take care of the helicopter flight model, in-game controls & cockpit gauges.

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Here is my current helicopter flight model with cockpit view:
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Yes, that’s the ‘story line’ for my entry.

Any comments?

Maybe I can help you, depends what you want, at least you can borrow my art (or the one I digged over the web), it also depeds what you want.

I would really suggest you make a tech demo first with literally cubes, so gameplay is 90% done, than you can a way more easily find people to help.

P.S. Without much hope, because here each one wants to do his own stuff and it is hard to persuade others to join, I can try to propose you to join my project :slight_smile: You know what it is and where to find it :slight_smile:

good luck Xjazz!!! :smiley:

@Nikolay: he already does have plenty of game play, flight sim stuff finished…check out FDM4BGE in his signature :wink:


I’m just probing.

I’m looking the people with interest, which are more skilled than myself in certain areas.

See, I can make a so so helicopter physics model, but not a game play logic or modeling like land scape, veggies & etc.

My tech demo is the helicopter physics model blend file, which is the key for the game play, because the challenge is the precise flying within give conditions.

Thanks but this topic is not related to the FDM4BGE, which is a resource project for community good.


I’m still looking a help with certain areas :slight_smile:

I would need a help with the low poly terrain and with the cockpit texturing.

You can see my current state on this video:

Older one with sounds:

Ill help. what do you want me to do?

Thank you for your offer.

I would need a new textured terrain. The XY size is a 6200BU* 6200BU.

There need to be a somewhat flat area on center for the 2200BU * 600BU track pylons object

How did you manage to texture the terrain?

I’m not sure about your question.

The texture is based to the mysterious ‘brontosaurus’ work:

I just baked it to the grid.

<S> brontosaurus

What type of terrain do you need? perfectly flat, hilly, small, natural bumps. and what type of texture do you need? Grass, yellow grass, What will it be used for?

I like mountains and steep hills scenes, like a Norwegian fjords, Yosemite valley, Death Valley, Garda Lake or Halong Bay scene.

Steepest walls should be a rock, moderate steep walls with bushes, slopes and so so flat area a forests and fields.

Something like that :yes:

If you sketch it up first and we can together check it.

and is this just a fly over terrain or do you need a landing pad?

At this point the runway is NOT needed.


If you are only going to fly over it, i suggest not going so detailed. Take Flight Simulator. Everything is so low poly that they could make the entire world. Their trees are two planes with a texture. Buildings are a cube with a texture. Think about it :smiley:


Here is my idea for a terrain.
The first level could go from base to base. the bases could be on the mountain to make it a bit harder to land and there could be a time limit of some sort.

Then the next level could be a ship on the lake. not to hard flying and fairley east landing.

The next level could get a bit harder because the objective might be on the sea which would mean flying through the low mountains.

the next level the ship could be rocking on the sea, or sinking, or less time ect.

The high mountains could be to keep the player within the terrain instead of just an invisible wall.


Pirate___man, thank you for your help.

I notes, there is a one problem. I replaced the helicopter game with BGE_AirRace game project some time ago.

For this BGE_AirRace game I would need that 6200BU* 6200BU terrain.

The required scale is 1BU = 1meter.

i Know how big its supposed to be. Thats not the finished project. Thats just the “Sketch” if you will of what this terrain is going to look like. are you fine with that mountainy terrain with two lakes?

Please, see the attached sketch for the terrain making. Just to give a principle idea.

The color meanings:

  • WHITE: a low altitude and high detail areas
  • GREEN: a medium altitude and medium detail areas
  • BROWN: a high altitude and low detail areas
  • BLACK: out of sight areas.

I’m sorry to cause to you a un-necessary work.


You do realize that 6200 BU by 6200 BU you can’t even zoom out far enough to see the whole mesh. so how are you supposed o model it if you can only see half the mesh?

I’m not a specialist with BGE at all, but I use maximum camera drawing distance and it works.

Please, see these videos

You can see my current state on this video:

Older one with sounds: