A theme to make menus easier to understand??


Just downloaded the newest version of Blender. Glad it’s still moving forward.

I am always interested in testing an app that I have interest in but like many it’s a 3D app that’s not all that intuitive but it is very powerful and I’ve seen some amazing work done with it.

I just read through a short thread asking about a theme. So Blender is skinable then?? If this is true is there a theme that someone has created that will create an easier to understand interface layout that a newbie like myself could understand a bit better than the current default??

Also, if so, how does one get Blender to change to a new theme?? Remember, baby steps appreciated.

Thanks much! :slight_smile:

Richard :wink:

the themes are just the colours. you can change the window layouts to different modes by pressing CTRL +left and CTRL right.

to change the colour theme you have to pull down the user prefs by clicking the divider at the top between the window and the title and draging down.

then click on the themes button

only one extra theme comes with blender, you can make your own there though.

there is a theme repository here http://www.frontiernet.net/~krich/themes/