A TPS With DLC Add Ons

Hello all :slight_smile: I was wondering if there are any parties interested in doing a TPS (Third Person Shooter ) with DLC Missions. I’m looking to start using BGE in the production of a game that’s Co-Op ( 4 ) players with the ability to drop in and out. Well if there are any person interested then drop me a Line. How difficult would it be to use BGE as the main backbone.

you may want to specify your experience, what you want as far as a team, and some more background on your game idea.

Game Name: 4:30

Short Description: The game is a Four Player Co-Op. The members each have a target for assassination. You work as a team to take out your assigned target. The DLC comes in as the assignments. There would be a core set of assignments on the disc already. The DLC would have the following categories: Team based assignation. Team based assault and team based charge planting. The whole idea really sprung up from Gears of War Co-Op Campaign and GRAWs Squad based mission based multi-player.
Single players could play the game but it would be tougher. The game ends when the player(s) take out the last targets. If you need any more information contact me via the forum.

What you were hoping for the game and what you have already done: I hope to have persons or people that want to make a TPS that has a good story: I write but there might be some one better who could add an overall cohesive story experience. (Writer). 3D Artists: Modelers, Texture Artist, Animator. I have done the GUI Layout and design as I am a graphic designer. Sound designer (Foley Artist)

screenies if available: No screens