A tribute to Blade Runner

Hey guys,
Just posting my latest personal project on BA !

Well, this was made entirely with Blender 2.8 BETA, rendered in Cycles (not EEVEE, i know… yes… i thought i needed well adjusted raytracing for the low-light conditions of that scene and get the mood i was looking for)
Technically, everything went smooth like smoothies. This is the best BETA ever…

If you wonder “why that drone/bot with a hose” ? Well, i created this environment to showcase something else. Finally i started to add references from Blade Runner and i could not stop it…). So, i will add “something” later…

It was nice to do something about Blade Runner (1982)… i was influenced so much by this movie when i was a teenager. Amazing memories. Watching it over and over on VHS… VHS that was so LOW quality compare to the original movie tapes, which i could only enjoy more than a decade later on DVD release, and then even better on resmastered BlueRay !! Well, i’m getting out of subject… Some of you may understand this feeling :slight_smile:

PS : close-ups were upscaled with AI Gigapixel, wich makes a good job at this. Impressive i’d say (it’s upscaled 2x…from the original render)


I like this scene, but it’s a bit too dark on my screen, making it hard to tell what’s going on exactly.

Well it would not be Blade Runner if it was not too dark, for example this is a scene from the movie and in contrast its actually outdoors

So the amount of lighting one could say for indoors is actually too much, however you are correct in that the lighting could have been a bit better arranged to highlight the outline of the objects more because some of the details are bit lost.

What I would also add is a bit more dirt, Blade Runner is meant to look ugly, that’s part of its beauty, torn, rusted, dusty with dust particles in the air. In essence a heavily polluted city.

Overall this is a very nice image and I have made it my new wallpaper, well done mate.


Totally true, I retract my feedback.

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Thank you both for your feedback. I think it could start a loooong discussion but yes, as Kilon said, i tried to reproduced the Blade Runner mood. And yes, i knew i will have to “sacrify” some details in such lightning situation for instance… It’s not something very trendy now i guess too.

But then, yes, depending on your display settings the image will look different. I tried different device and for instance my Smartphone is really killing the blacks…
See bellow i simply change a little bit the dynamic range of the main render… adjusting the darkers tones. Personally i’m still ok with the first version.
There is a total of 40 lights or so in this scene… even though it looks dark … I think the biggest challenge for me was to light up some critical areas and leaving some of them in dark shadows…

All that being said, it’s an honor to make someones wallpaper ! :star_struck:

(yeah, that makes the noise more obvious too. hum. well, it’s just for illustration.)


Beautiful … Makes me want to watch the movie again :slight_smile:

yeah I prefer the first one too, my suggestion was to play around the lighting, for example is you see that outdoor scene I posted it may be even darker than yours but you can clearly see the outlines of the shapes , so its easy even with the dark for the eye to make the shapes. This is the hard part with dark scenes, you can hide mistakes easily but you can also hide beautiful parts of your scene. So the trick is keep the balance somewhere in between.

Because if the scene is too bringht then it leaves nothing to the imagination and I think that is what makes Blade Runner so beautifully mysterious.

But then not that many people can do what Ridley Scott so elegantly does. That’s why he is Ridley Scott :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!


Thank you Bart !

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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I never liked the old blade runner movie as the story and dialog was imo really bad. The only thing I kinda liked about that movie was the imagination of all the artists that got inspired by blade runner universe. Like this art.

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Amazing! Totally Blender Runner.

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Cool, I really like the mood :slight_smile: very good scene and work on it! Only criticism is that yes, it is a bit dark or rather not lit in a way to emphasise what’s important in the scene. So my eyes were just moving about the image and not recognizing anything, so they frantically looked around and didnt settle on anything. In a scene you need at least one focus point, usually marked by light and also message/idea. So maybe you can play around with some highlights, and even if it’s still dark, make it look clear what the viewer should look at. Guide your viewers with your render. What do you want them to see first? What mood do you want to convey? What do you want to tell them? How do you want to make them feel? Once you answer these, you can play with light (maybe some object re-arrangement) and you can achieve what you need :slight_smile: That’s what I have as tips for you from my own experience and collaboration with other artists from the industry. Good luck! Your scene has a lot of potential!

I’d also like to add that, the first focal point (after looking at the first render again) was the light slightly above the computer. I don’t think that’s an interesting focal point. The second one is the screen but it doesn’t speak much to me besides the blender logo (so far I don’t feel the Blade runner-esque mood). The problem I see further is that the surfaces are very dark, literally pitch-black so you’re losing a lot of detail and information. I don’t see the contact between the objects (which relays sense of depth and space). And honestly, the third render, I still look at it and am not sure what I see. A pipe?

Anyway, the right-hand side of the scene is dark, with no contact shadows/visible contact, highlight on surfaces (barely two or three, but minimal), so your scene gets lost like that, including all the work you put into it.

Looking at the improved render with added light from the window does make it look more recognizable.

I hope you don’t find my comment mean, because that’s not my intention. You put a lot of work, it’s clear, so I think your final effort should be the light. And trust me, lighting is pretty hard, although we all think we get it. I’m also a photographer with 10+ years of experience and have been learning a lot about the properties of light and the importance of correct lighting. In fact, light can pop-up or ruin a scene. The scene itself is neutral. The light gives the scene its true mood.

Sorry for the super long post :slight_smile: I truly hope I am of help with it :slight_smile: Seriously, great work and keep it up!!!

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It’s a nice image, everything is nicely modeled and textured but, it feels like there’s too much stuff going on

I know it’s blade runner but in the end of the day there are too many focal points, I’m confused on what I’m supposed to focus on

I feel like a nice fog or something would help things

Oh i’m very glad to get comments like this ! Especially since you took the time to develop the issue. And no, of course it is not mean by any way. A comment cannot be “mean” in my eye anyway ! So, thank you !:+1:

So yes… No real focal point in there… That was almost intentional… and dangerous…
But i finally put the unicorn and a (too soft) volumetric effect on it… It’s small and not strong enough , see , you did not mention it. That means it was not striking obviously.

Yes i also lost modeling information.

Well, as you said it’s important to know, by experience, what are the requirements in a good CG Artwork.
No real “subject”, as originally i made this scene to showcase something else (that i will do … later , i dont know when !).
So yes, as i wrote in my post " the pipe/hose" has a meaning …
But now i think it’s not a great scene to showcase what i have in mind !

It was a study really… I also knew that low light scenes are challenging… I was not sure i could make something “viewable”. I also noticed big variation in the audience responce to low light scenes…

Also i’m a maniac of microdetails… I like old style painting for this …(i like old stuff i must admit, and i get a lot of inspiration from it)
There are way to arrange details in a scene in area that i do not master yet. You don’t want to “saturate the audience” because well… maybe they won’t watch your artwork for more than 10-15 seconds, right ?

Much things to learn !

But thank you again ! I also believe that if you want to strike the audiance you need a message. I almost swore to myself i won’t go for any project if i don’t have one. And see what i have done ? haha. :sweat_smile: I have several ideas in my mind (for years sometimes) but i want to be sure that technically i won’t waste them. Just wait , someday ! haha :smile:

In the meantime, i have fun with other stuff to test and i’m glad to receive feedbacks !

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This is amazing how long did it take

Hum it’s hard to tell exactly but… let’s say around 20 hours. Modeling was pretty fast… Shading not too hard… lightning and hesitation to do this, or that… adjusting things… making my own textures from… some old paper of mine and so on… i took my time too…

dude thats really nice i take sometimes up to 4 hours for doing my simple renders XD