A try at an heroic fan scene.

I didn’t make any of the model aint the rock, I set the pose on daz studio and then imported it in blender where I made the rock, light set, made, resused or tweeked materials, placed the camera, etc…

It feel for me that the image close to be finished so I post it here to see if I missed somthing befor I do the final render.

I’m using cycle and are prety new to it so it take me a long time to get to this point.

I see two probleme that I can probably resolve in postwork on gimp. First the hair on the left character may need some painting to get rid of the sky coming trough them, but that’s a common probleme with daz strand hair so I think I can get them better faster in postwork in gimp as I already done that before and have no clue how to do it in blender. The second are the noise that is left I get rid of most of the firefly with the blur factor transparency ( I think) in the render setings but some noise still show. It may disapeer with a longer render time but if not I can probably fix that in postwork too.

I may have missed somthing else. So if you see problems that I missed dont be shy I’ll be happy to know what I am missing either to get it better on this image or/and to try to use the input on future work if its an early error that demand to much work to be fixed but may be avoided in the future, or maybe to totaly disagree with you and argument why. :smiley:

Andrew your broken english is horrible, love your pict. So true. shake a leg.

I like the pic, but the overall lighting seems a bit grayed out. try turning up the exposure a little in world buttons.

That camera angle puts your hero leaning backwards, not exactly a heroic stance. I’d straighten him up. Also, heros stride off into the sunset, not away from it. Backlighting is fine, especially against a dark background, but your hero needs some light on his front side as well. The image title says something about a lava lake. If they are close to it, there would be some red light coming up from the ground level. You might also want to try different backgrounds: three puffy white clouds doesn’t say ‘hero’ to me. How about some mountains, or a starry night sky, or some magnificent storm clouds?

Don’t worry about your English. It’s perfectly understandable. Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

Thx for your coments.

For my english you probably have to blame HBO as I learned english after I was 30 year old by watching tv show when I was to addicted to wait for the french fan-subs.

I will try pushing the world light but most of the light is coming from the setting sun lamp on their back and some emiters so I’m not sure it will help a lot. Isent it normal for the hight front light to be a little blue grey when the sun is seting on their back? I’ll try it anyway and see if it looks better.

I have two redish light emiters, low front of the char and under the rock ( larger than the rock of course.) That’s where the orange of the rock and character skin come from but lava dont light things that much aint its at night so I tryed to keep it subtle.

I’ll keep my background because it had an (little bit hiden maybe) homage to comics book in it but You are right I m generaly cheap on background.

I actualy tryed to do mountains with a plan and a ocean deformer for an other angle shot yesterday but I restared using blender like 1 month and a half ago after 6 year of break so I m a little rusted ( and wasent a pro befor anyway) and may not be able to do a material for it that keep up with the rest of the scene so I probably keep an angle to keep the sky as BG instead.

You may be right with the camera angle and I am planing on doing other shot from other point of view maybe it will help.

I already changed some things ( the flat black in the axe wasent intended it was suposed to be darker but I realised after posting that I had no light at an angle that can be reflected there to the camera so I fixed it.

I resculpted some part of the cloth to ( not sur it was that good an idea by the way but its done now) and made another render but didnt post it since I discovered that the skins look decent at this distance but absolutly not in close up, as my next shot on this scene is more close up I have to rework all the skin and it will be easier to remake the render with the new materials than trying to keep the high res skin coherent with the one used in this image.

I’ll repost when I get another render ready.

Edit: the first render I made had black cloud actualy and it was suposed to be because of the volcano but it was horrible.

I dont have a full anderstanding of the procedural volumetric clood from blend swap that I’m using and may have to improve to use them with more eficiency.

Two new render with some change on the rerendered one.

I pushed the world light from 1 to 1.3 and the lava emiter that point at the character from 12 to 15. I didnt compare the result as it will be easier to have a clear view of it tomorow.

I also resculpted a bit the cloth, mainly the pink silk one ( no idea how its called in english.) and as explained befor set a light to get some texture on the top of the axe and changed the skin shaders. The render is only around 400 pass it was just to test the light and the skin befor sleeping.

The second one is more than 1k pass and on another angle. I pushed the light the same way here. I have to postwork the hair I probably try to do it tomorow.

Edit: After comparison I have to say light has always been my nemesis and the first version was far above my average, but its even better now. Thx for the feedback.

I made a ~1k pass render of the first POW and some postwork.

Thats befor postwork

And after, mainly I reworked the hair.

And now I think I didnt pushed the lava light enougt. :o

I tryed to push sligtly the lava light in postwork. I never done that befor so I m not totaly sure of the result but I think It’s finished now.

it looks a lot better, but I think you should brighten to color of the sky a bit.

I published it today so it’s to late for this one. I agree on the first advise by the way and applyed it.^^