A turtle in peril

Here is a short animation.
Every critique is welcome :slight_smile:

So about halfway thru I was thinking, “oh boy, this thing is cute. I betcha, any form of cinematic score at the end of this would be sweet”. Then the music starts playing, and I was dead on the floor. Really nice.

…what? A very savage use of breaking the 4th Wall!

:stuck_out_tongue: yes The turtle made me loose my metaphorical coffee all over the keyboard.

nice animation, and good idea! but the face is to static, it needs to show his complex feelings.

This’s awesome, man, AWESOME! I fucking love this.
Good job!

Well, that took an unexpected turn.

I really liked this. I like the feeling of it being a claymation but the water looks phenomenal. I would add some anticipation before he rocks his shell. Also at the beginning when you rock forward the legs move in the exact same motion and time. I would off set them and have one go a little farther than the other. Also when his back leg moves have his body anticipate pushing that leg back. Hope this all make sense and helps.

Thanks for the feedback!
I will keep all of that in mind for my next project.

really funny, nice animation!