A tutorial question!

(kimo9909) #1

I just finished a tutorial by rash called explosion. It makes a ring explode outward. How do I save those images as a picture image? I pressed the animation button, it went through each frame then all I had to do was press the play button to see it in full animation. What do I do now to save each frame as a picture. Also how can I turn this into an MPEG video animation? Any and all help would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

(RipSting) #2

When you hit the Anim button it automatically saves out the frames to files. If you’re using Windows, check the c:\render directory. What type of file that is rendered out depends on the settings you set under the display buttons (F10). You can render out as AVI, TGA, JPG and some other types. If you see files under your render directory but they aren’t associated with a viewer it’s because file extensions aren’t saved with the file unless you make sure the “Extensions” button in the display buttons is pressed in.

As for making an MPEG, just save your animation out as an AVIraw and use a free utility like Bink! or AVI2VCD to do the conversion.

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I apreciate the help. Thanks alot!!!