A Varienty of random projects

Hi! This thread is for all of those random BGE projects that i may not ever get around to doing, it’s kinda like my BGE sketchbook.
The monochrome bird platformer
An old/non-functional top down RTS
The radish zombies (with team)
a reuseable base for an RPG
Hitting peoples with furniture
The Ravins hand
The dinosaur puzzle game (with team)

If you are wondering who my (with team) is, they are @gandalf3, @giantcowfilms, @NIDGraphics, @TARDISmaker, and @X-27. we all use Blender stack-exchange, and that’s how we know each-other. our chat room is here. There are some other team members, but they aren’t as active on this forum, so I didn’t mention them; no offense intended to anyone. Thanks for reading my posts, and please feel free to point out things to improve in any of my projects. Please also note that most of these projects are tests of my capability, and that im just faffing about with mechanics for the most part, so nothing is perfect, and i wouldn’t consider any of it finished.



A picture of the environment, i saw that alley way that @HappyPixelGames posted. Great minds think alike… apparently ours do too.

one or more of the textures used in this post are from cgtextures.com.
(but i plan to hand paint them later on)

Hey there radish! The link is busted in your latest post

I think i fixed it… does it work for you now?

Yes, works perfectly

I’m changing this threads name to “A variety of random projects” because i don’t feel like i should start a new thread for every single project that I’ll never finish

Heres my latest project, took me a few hours. Currently it doesn’t have a title and i don’t know what to do with it since it wasn’t a great idea. If anyone has ideas on what i should do, go ahead and tell me, I’m currently looking or objectives the bird should achieve.

Here’s one of my older projects. It features RealTime commands like any RTS game, where you click on a guy and tell him where to go, but you can also zoom in and play as any of the characters at any time. it was my first real implementations BGE, i had never worked on code, game engines, or anything 3D (other than sketchup) before this. you can probably tell that just by looking at some screen shots.

It may not be pretty, but i sure learned a heck of alot of skills.


This is the project that some guys from Blender Stack Exchange (where i’m originally from) and i worked on. Essentially you are a blue cube who must gun down green zombie-cubes with a gatling gun implanted in your head. I made the basic game, and my friends GiantCowFilms, TARDISMaker, X-27, and David took it and made it awesome, with morale support from NoviceInDisguise (NIDGraphics). They implemented cool things such as a running jeep, textured buildings, missiles, grenades, and zombie masters.

I think I was a bit more like NID here, since I made like two commits and I’m pretty sure only the commit that’s left is the texture I added :slight_smile:

btw, your post before that last one seems to have missing image.

It works 50% of the time, i can’t figure out why. @TARDISMaker, does it work now?

Yup, it works.

New project! RPG following the style of Fate and other games like it. fairly common genre.

heres some pictures.

obviously, i haven’t done any work on the environment, and the player still lacks a head and texture, but i have a basic gameplay with health, monsters, defending attacking, pickups, and a dog who is actually a mandrill. i plan to work on some textures, more characters, and to get my random level generator working finally. Next will come an inventory system and some more special powers(i already did a few.)

BTW i finally found someone near where i live who is willing to help with junk like this, so this may get further than the normal flunks. standby for more info.

oh, forgot to put this in: sword model by Jonathan Sargent

Cool! Good to see you still plugging away at these projects :slight_smile:

Hopefully you actually finish something sometime :slight_smile: But I think I’m seeing improvement. In a few months you should just make a simple side scroller with a really complete plan for game play and make a point finish it.

heres a game where you whack someone with a chair. the chair was made by BookWyrm17. thanks wyrm!


I’m making some robot for game. I made the hands pretty for the sketchfab viewer and had some fun with the cell shading.

The BSE team and i are working on a new game, using only voxel art. It is based around two dinosaurs, controlled by left and right mouse buttons, who can manipulate lasers to solve puzzles

Portal style

Update: level #1 and the basic game mechanic for the dinosaurs/laser game is complete!

You need to make some more levels etc. :wink: