A very ghoul dude

Hi all,
I just want to share a zombie / ghoul model I’ve been working on lately:

So far this is just a hi-res mesh, but I’m planning to make it into a game asset so my next steps will be to redo the topology and texture map him. Also, I might be getting ahead of myself but I’ve been experimenting with an idea to have vines growing out of his body:

Here’s a variation on the vines where I tried to mimic the shape of horns for a more demonic look:

I’m mostly posting this here to keep myself on track to finish this project, since I have a habit of abandoning projects sometimes. Any feedback is welcome! I’ll post updates as I work on him.


This is looking great. I’d love to see it with proper materials and textures. It’s like he’s right out of a thrash metal music video lol

Hey, Sorry for the slow updates! Just did the retopo for this guy and I’ll move on to materials next.
I know its a little pedantic but I stuck to quads, no triangles. I figured that makes things easier if I decide to use a multi-res modifier for adding details and baking normals. After retopo its around 5k quads:


He look great good job!