A very noob question here

I wanted to make some changes on the low resolution model but am not being able to sculpt on it.
I did the retopology in Retopoflow
For example this happens when I use the grab tool

Is there something I need to enable or disable?

Hello there!

This could be the effect of Shrinkwrap modifier.
Since it’s not applied, it continuously tries to project lowres mesh onto the surface of your hipoly. When you distort the mess too much, something like this might be the result.

If you done retopologizing, you can apply the modifier (though remember about that Subdiv Modifier that’s placed above).

If your goal was to adjust retopo with sculpt tools but still stay on hipoly surface remember: sculpt works with actual vertex positions as if there were no modifiers. What you see might not be there exactly. [You can “update” those positions, to closer resemble the final look, for example by duplicating Shrinkwrap modifier and applying one of them. It’ll make sculpting easier].


maybe share your file?

Thank you so much!!
It really was a noob question haha

The most important type of questions to ask and learn from =)
Good luck and have fun!

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