A very weird creature

This is a creature from a story my sister is writing. It is called a boogie and I am planning on making other creatures from her story.


set smooth would help it alot

i second tht

Ya I just did that

What is it supposed to look like? Do you have some sort of sketch you’re working with? Is the image finished? What are you going to do with the image? If this is what a boogie is supposed to look like, good work. But maybe you could make it more interesting? Maybe you could make it’s (spines?) rainbow colored and fluffy? Give its body a nice texture. I don’t know, think of something! Right now it look kinda boring. Make the image more interesting if you know what I mean.:wink:

It is sort of wierd (my sister developed the creature)
I just uppdated it.

:confused::confused::confused::confused:P.S. Does anyone know how to embed a picture into the text?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
P.P.S. I am a noob