A watch | UPDATE P.2

I already encounter this problem and I never had the solution. But this time this is really boring me.
So, i’ve just started to model a watch and after some extrusions and a wraping (shift-w) , the center of my mesh was at the left of the mesh and not at all in the middle (see the picture below).

How can I fix this, it’s soo boring.


Under editing buttons you have:

  • Centre
  • Centre New
  • Center Cursor

Oh, wonderful, thanks a lot.

Well let’s go back to blender so.
Thanks again.

I guess this is everything for tonight

WOOO!! Stargate, man! That’s gonna be cool!

Nooo, this is supposed to be a damn watch not a gate used by blond women and strange guys from outter space.

But yes you’re right it seems to be a stargate.
ok come back soon and it will not be a gate anymore (a least i truely hope :))

Hey, here are some news about this damn watch. I really don’t have much time to work on this but I would like to finish this.
So for instance this is where I am, much work to do on the materials but I’m still modelling it.
If you have any comments or critics, they are welcome.

That’s looking really good. Looks like a clean mesh. Can we see some non-subsurf wires?

Looks like a clean mesh

Ha ha in fact, not at all. It is as messy as possible …
I tried many ways for having some little results as so there is a lot of vertics that are totally useless.
I’m planning to remove them but there’s a lot of job to do on this.


you didn’t show the mesh :frowning: just the outline of the mesh.

Yeah because when I select “Wire” in the material buttons and then make a render all the parts are not on wire mode.
And I don’t know why :frowning:

is it all one mesh or multipule parts, if it’s parts you need to set it for each one. But you could always just export the 3d window, and not render it.

Well this is multiple parts but I join them all for the render so this is why I don’t understand.
And I’m not sure I understand what you mean by export the 3D window.

control + F3 is a “dump 3d view” command

Well, the result is exactly the same as a “printscreen” button and copy/paste.
Thanks anyway for your patience :slight_smile:


Oh well, it’s all good. :smiley:

Welcome to the Blender Render Wristwatch Club!

Ha ha ha, well i’m glad to be in this club. I didn’t know it was as popular as spaceships :smiley:
So, i cleaned many useless vertices and it tooks me time, and then I continue modelling.
I know there are still problems with some jonctions.
If you have any ideas of how to improve this, tell me.
I won’t do anything more for today :

pretty good work !

do you planned to show all the mechanisms?

Your Glass looks dark.
Here’s a thread to correct that…
… Scroll down to see it.

its prolly cuz ur in object mode and not in edit mode…?