A Watch

Rendered with Indigo

Things I plan on doing:
Try to fix those weird shadow things on the face (any tips on how to fix those?)
Darken the face a little
Texture the little knob (you can’t really see it very well, but I want to put little ridges on it)

Any other critiques or comments are welcome!

That’s really good except maybe a little too bright. Put some darkness on that blue area give it more depth. Just seems ot flat.

i agree with Vincimus, tis great, but a little to flat

Perhaps the strange ridge-like shadows in the bezel are because you started with a UV sphere and put a subsurf modifier on it.

If that is the case the way to fix it is to delete the vertex at the pole of the sphere- the one where all the triangles meet. Then select the last ring of the sphere (alt-right click a vertex or edge for loop select), then hit e to extrude, then s, then hit the zero button along the top of the keyboard to create a new ring of vertices scaled to have no size- that is all in the same location. Do NOT remove doubles- leave all the new verts and your problem should be solved. You may want to move the new verts (move them all together) away from the face of the watch a bit to preserve the curvature of the bezel.

Thanks guys! Here’s a new render:

Looks a lot better, Good job with the brightness! Good luck with the rest!

“The rest” being…

Hey dude, nice render! nice to see your using indigo to now =)

Thanks! Yeah, thanks for mentioning it. I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise.

So is there anything that anybody sees wrong with it?