A way to fillet or acheive smooth bevels?

I’ve been learning Blender with the hope of using it in a children’s animation I’m working on, but was surprised to se that there is no way to automatically create rounded bevels or fillets.

This is a severe shortcoming as it is very important in an animation for the light to be reflected off a filleted edge in order for the edge to be visible.

I saw with great delight that the new version was going to provide the functionality, then my heart sank after I installed it and found that they had removed recursive out of Blender right before releasing.

I tried a plugin that approximates what I need, ie it allows one to create bevels on edges with a choice of recursion, but each bevel is flat and I need smooth curves. Most of my designs are mechanical in nature.

So Blenderites, would you agree that this is a glaring omission in functionality (and yes, I do understand that Blender is free and that I am very fortunate to be able to use it at all), and secondly, is there a way to create true curved fillets or chamfers. FWIW, I am familiar with the spin method but it is extremely time-consuming.

Thanks so much for reading and replying!

Rounded bevel addon ? (still in development)