A way to upload an original UV layout to re-use on an object it was created for?

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a project and during sculpting/editing I’ve somehow managed to damage the original UV layout I had, which makes the texture I made for it have black spots/parts of the texture I don’t want on other parts of the object appearing, thankfully I have the original UV layout (the one i used to create the texture) saved on my computer, (the only thing wrong with the current uv layout is it has a slit down the middle, which wasn’t there on the original) Is there a way I can upload it into blender and re-apply this layout on the object?

(Pretty new to mesh creation)

I don’t think there’s a way to import a UV layout, just export. But if you have the original as a reference, you may be able to realign things using Snap and Stitch while using the original as a visual reference. I’ve never tried this type of thing, but as long as your mesh isn’t too complex, you might get away with it.

A couple other ideas come to mind:

  • check for automatically-saved files, rename them in such a way that they can all peacefully co-exist, then load them one at a time to see if any have the original UV layout
  • create a texture using the image of the original UV layout, open it in the background of the UV/Image editor with your current UV layout, move the vertices around to match the original

I’d definitely try the auto-saved files first, though. Far less work.