A Web-based Game!

We need a spacestation interior (or if your skills are good enough also a new spacestation).
It interior should fit the spacestation you make or this that we made: http://goo.gl/jqv8i
It should contain:

  • Shop
  • Hangar
  • ComunicationRoom
  • MainRoom
  • CrewRoom
    The rooms should be seperated from the background so we can add them as updates in the game.
    There should also be a highlightning efftect on them for when you hover your mouse.
    We also need interior for the “extensions” of the spacestation:
  • Plantation
  • Military (attack)
  • Research
  • Factory
  • Extra crew space
  • Weapons (defence)
    We need the images in 2D but it should be made in 3D or it could be made in 2D, if it looks nice
    So far our space station! http://testingawsomestuff.zxq.net/SpaceGame/SpaceStation.php