A Weight Painting Problem!

:(I’m having a problem with Weight Painting. I’ll use the arms for example: When I move the armature of my characters first arm down and weight paint it, it works fine. When I move the next arm down and weight paint it, it snaps to some sort of previous x-axis mirror, in other words, it moves anything I weight paint outside of the bounds of its envelope. What could be the problem? Is there a way to fix this?
I’m new at this, so I would post the blend file of the wire mesh frame of my character, that way you could see the shoulder and the upper arm hidden inside the head of my character only the file is too big. I attached a rendered jpeg instead. Just picture the weight painted right shoulder and upper arm becoming a mirror image of the left shoulder and upper arm’s position, only in an upward diagonal fashion (hidden inside the mesh of the head)


Not exactly clear on what your problem is … you might want to post a blend (go Advanced and attach a blend to your post)