// A White Rose //

Hi everyone! Here is my halloween artwork, made in blender 3.3.1 + Cycles.

“Don’t you dare to touch my baby!”

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Behind the scenes

The Story

It all started from a rose…

About a year ago I practiced creating organic materials (like human skin, leaves and petals), which I have always found very difficult to make realistic in a render. After making a test render about a vase of roses, I promised myself to make a render containing roses as the main element.
Now finally I made a render with it!

My idea was to create an halloween artwork with a fairytale mood and a cinematic look.
The protagonist is the white rose, symbol of purity and innocence. The same innocence of the girl picking the rose without noticing the big monster behind her (made of roses and thorns), which slowly approaches to defend “her baby”.

Details Video

The Tools

I created and posed the woman in DAZ 3D, I simulated the dress in blender and added some more details and folds with the sculping tools. The monster was made with photoshop and then imported on blender to try to mix it better in the 3d world. Compositing and post processing were done in photoshop too.

Other shots & WIP



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart! Have a nice day :smiley:

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