A whole bunch of photoscanned seashells

I made this all for the Blender Market, I want to do a smaller pack for indie artists but I need feedback before I do this first. I scanned each item with a studio style setup and created subsurf/displacement modifiers for each one so instead of being gigabytes I have 20 models that add up to a fraction of that although the textures are still huge tiff files even being 8 bit. :confused:

More larger renders here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/E0RKA

Those are great!
Did you use some special gig for getting the full object?
I am starting to do some photoscanning as well, and am currently assembling some lights and rotating table for indoors scanning. I am having big problems with glossy stuff, but that shiny white clam looks amazing!! Do you have any tips?

They look great indeed!


Thanks :slight_smile: I used a rotating cake stand with markers set out and just two photography lights probably similar to your setup. I’ll PM you a photoscanning guide I wrote but also there’s a really good one the Unity folks wrote recently as well. As for shiny objects the only way I know to reduce the highlights is using a circular polarising filter (and make sure you rotate it on your camera until it’s working right) but this only goes so far.

Thanks guys, and PM sent Aag :slight_smile: