A20 havoc

Skip bombing

July 22, 1944, Kokas New Guinea

Still cutting out panels, but it looks enough like a plane to post images…


Improved canopy and intake shapes, added crew, added rear turret detailing, added bump map texture…


Wow looks like a real labour of love

I got some painting and weathering done.

The final project won’t have camera angles this close, so this is probably good enough.



This is really looking awesome!

Did you model the entire engine or just the visible parts?

If that tailgunner was a prick, could he shoot the fin off?



Nope, There is a Cam mechanism in the turret that basically stops the gun from firing when they crossed the tail. The B17 has the same type of setup. The only people that might stand a chance of hitting their own plane would be the waist gunners on the B17.
Great job on the Plane Mark06GT. It would be nice to see it in Low level Flight. I think they were used in the Pacific on anti shipping missions but I’m not positive about that.

Hey, Looks really nice, glad to see your still at it, keep up the great work.

Speed7 - I roughly modeled the front of the engine. I didn’t see any reason to detail the rear or exhaust pipes. Its not a perfect model, but I think it works inside the cowling.


That’s very nice – that in its self is a complicated modelling job - but I will assume you did one then instanced the others, really nice

Me neither, but I have seen that the guys that model planes will sometimes do things like that, so was just asking. :smiley:

July 22, 1944, Kokas New Guinea

This is a recreation of the 2nd image from a series of 4 famous photographs originally published in Yank and Time Magazine under the title “Death of an A-20”.

On July 22, 1944, A-20Gs from the 387th bomb squadron (312th bomb group) attacked Kokas in western New Guina. The photos show an A-20, hit by anti-aircraft fire, crashing into the water. Pilot 1st Lt James L. Knarr and Gunner SSgt Charles G. Reichley, both from Pennsylvania, were killed when their aircraft struck the water. Knarr had formerly been a schoolteacher and was credited with at least 70 missions before he was killed. Reichley flew at least 46 combat missions before his death.

More information at:


My Image:

My Image overlayed on the original:

Original series:


Good job. I’ve seen those images before. For some reason I remembered them as B-25s. Must be getting old.

B-25s flew the same types of missions. Lots of pictures of them doing low-level crazy flying.

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First try at a skip bombing render. Not totally happy with smoke & fire. Will upgrade to 2.82 and see if I get better results.