AA in gameEngine

Hello, there are an AA in the game engine. I need to do a realtime app with some AA to make better the app aspect.


If you mean anti-aliasing, no, there isn’t.

If you mean Alcoholics Anonymous, no it doesn’t have that either. Try a phone book.

Well, if you’re drunk, you probably have automatic AA :slight_smile:

The good/ normal way to set AA is with your graphics card preferences utility not
inside an app

yeah, OTO is right, you can have antialiasing but it slows the framerate down quite a bit (from 60fps to 15fps in 4x)


I Know I had slows framerate with more AA, but The models I have in scene are 2 o 3 models. But I need more quality, and I ask this because I want make an app with blender, and the client had an app and not have do anything to set the AA.