AAAfter rendered image, POSTING

Whats up People,
I need help with posting my rendererd Blender image. Once my Picture/reneder is said and done, I dont know how to copy the image to - the computer- MY PICTURES, - MY DOCUMENTS, ect. Its as if the image stays in Blender only.
help please!:confused: :slight_smile:

press the print screen button then paste it in paint…and save:p

Actually, it’s F3 in the render window. That’s how you save a render.

oh render!

Heh, wrong forum.

Yo:D i bet u guys are thinken im such a newb, But… i guess its true. But ill have ya know i have been at blender for about4 to 6 months!
thanks anyway!

It dosnt matter how long you use blender, what matters is how much you know about it and if you’re able to use the tools you have at your disposal to create the worlds you see within the confines of your mind.

Someone who’s been using blender for 100 years can still be a “newb”.