Aang from "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

I’m correctly working on Aang from the serie “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I’m making him in the outfit you’ll see on the first picture, which is like in the final fight vs Ozai.
I’m at the point where I’m allmost finished with the model, and only need the final adjustments.
When I’m done with that, I’m going to work on the pants.

What I want to do with him, is to make a short animation, where Aang are doing some bending.

PS: Some of you maybe noticed that I also got another unfinished thread (dragon head (realistic)), but I’ve put it on pause right now, but I will return to it.


More pictures


It’s looking good :), will you use toon shading on it?

Yes that was the idea.

Someone has talent!
I love this series, too. Is the sketch in the background designed by your hand?

Looking very nice! Looking forward to see how this turns out.

A (very) small update. I thought the head looked a bit large for the body, so I have tried to make it “smaller”. I have pushed the face closer to the back of the head (I don’t know if I shall undo this or not).
But the problem is that I think the head is a bit large for the body, or the other way around. It could also be that I need to change something completely different on the body.
Or is it just me?

Help is appreciated.

The 1 and 3 picture is before and the 2 and 4 is after.

PS:kub the sketch is unfortunately not made by me, I fell over it on the internet, and because it was just what I needed, I used it. But you will soon see some sketchs for the animation.


Update, I have done the pants. I’m thinking I will make to pants as clothes, because of this I have made the pants a bit bloated, so when I animate it, it will folds in a good looking way.
If it isn’t this way I should do it, then please tell me.

PS: I have undone what I did in the last reply. But there is still something…


…looking forward to see some sketches! Cloth simulation seems to be quite CPU-intense if turning on self collision a bit, are you experienced with it ?(I am not…)

it’s good that you have undone what you have done in the previous update. Not every sketch translates well into 3D. I enjoyed the series, so make it a good one. Most of your mistakes are in pose or proportions. He looks like a plank. Try to position him more into a relaxed pose, with a slight curve in his back, legs bend a little bit. the skull could be a bit boader from the sideview. Look around for pictures of skulls, and try to fit an image of a real skull inside the cartoon head. Remember to rotate the skull downwards a bit. His chest needs to protrude more (be bigger, more forward) just keep tweaking it till you get it…

It might help to place parts of a real skeleton inside the sketch, to get the individual proportions right.

Are you kidding? Harry Potter! He could totally just cast Patrificus Totallus and Aang wouldn’t be able to get one blow in.

awesome modeling! looks great from the front

but kinda like what freakyDude was talking about, your model looks too flat from the side
I’d suggest pulling the upper back outwards and pulling the bottom of the pecs forward

also i think from the side view, the forearm needs to have some sort of curvature to it (take a look at this)

I have played around with the torso and tried not to make it look flat. I have also enlarged the hands a bit.

Jeepster I will as the next look at the arms.
FreakyDude I will maybe make him stand in a more relaxed position, but I don’t know jet.


one thing to start with, his legs are slightly bending backwards.

Sry FreakyDude but I don’t think I know what you mean. Do you want me to bend his legs a bit backwards or…?

Well, maybe the anatomical incorrectness may lead to a better cartoon look…quite much is simplified in those anime. (I have to say that I am always astonished like my boy watching those…)

Nice work! I like his pants.

no the anatomical incorrectness will NOT lead to a better cartoon look. Somewhere in the book The animator’s survival kit, it is mentioned somewhere that you need to understand real anatomy, because cartoon proportions are derived from realism. I also think this is true. You need to understand real anatomy to be able to make great toon anatomy. Not as much is simplified in that series as you make it sound.

EDIT: Currently his legs are bending a tiny bit backwards, or if the legs are supposed to be straight, his hip joint is in his butt, which can not be a good thing. For all I care you can look for one of those wooden puppet drawing models, and try to scale it’s elements into Aang’s proportions.

OK, so I will just mention that it is quite a good job along the reference mufas is using…I was reading quite a lot about anatomy and I am fascinated by it. For my BWC project, I used a reference by Leonardo da Vinci (well, no side view ref…) and I was starting by doing quite a basic box model mesh which I refined with the sculpt tool and finally got my clean mesh retopoing it…(as the proposed workflow in “Mastering Blender”, a very good book) For animation, I have still a lot to learn about topology…

Update on the legs and a little on the arms.