Abandoned Akihabara

This was shot by iphone11 and all the CG work was done by blender. This is my first work with blender.


Amazing work! :metal:t2:

Really cool!

very nice work looks fantastic! so the 3d elements were composited on top of an iPhone video? Did you use camera mapping? Would love to learn more about your process!

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This is awesome. The atmosphere of the scene is very convincing and a lot of the small details, like the overturned bicycle and the birds fluttering through the scene really add to the feeling of abandonment.

Did you model the buildings based on the video still frame? How did you then re-introduce the original textures from the video?

Thanks for looking at my work!
This work uses camera mapping, but it’s not a still image, but a moving image. I used a dirt texture on the 3D object.

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Thanks for looking at my work!
The 3d object wasn’t created from a still image, it was modeled by the results of the 3d tracking.
I added smudging, to the orijinal texture.

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Never heard of this technique, sounds interesting! Are there any resources online you would recommend on the subject?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Nice work. Fact that you use real location is big plus, especially for people which know this location.