Abandoned Amusement Park


Today i decided to make an abandoned, old, ruined amusement park.
I started with the main rail, it will be corroded and rusty.
Then i made a very poor quality pavement with some parts.
The roof will be a big construction with glass.

I will post here updates with images, if it’s not problem.

Thanks for the permission i can post my work here ( Sorry, Google Translate :frowning: )


Hello again!

I made the main body of the carts ( as you can see it’s floating in the air, so i need to make other parts ), the main rail ( it’s in the other rail, it’s hard to see it, but the carts will glide on this ), the main terrain ( there will be rocks, trees and a lot of grass/herbs/plants/vines ).

All critics are welcome, so i can fix/upgrade this scene.
Thank you!

Posting updates in Work in Progress is fine. That’s what it is for.
I think there is too much space between the carts and the boarding platform.

This looks like a cool project, I look forward to watching it grow… are you working off of any references, or just making it up as you go?

Orinoco: I fixed it, thank you very much for the feedback.
HarleyNut97: Thank you too, i don’t have references, i had a brainstorm ( but i watch images on Google: amusement parks, rails, park in Chernobyl ( :frowning: yes, it has scary feeling )

I made some updates, fixed the distance between the boarding platform and the carts, and i made the ‘‘link’’ between the rail and the carts. They still look a bit ‘‘not-so-durable’’, and i think i will need links between the carts, like on the trains between the wagons. Just maybe: it would cause a problem, that carts can’t glide properly, so at the moment don’t know how to fix this, but i have a lot of ideas.

Sorry for being late with the update ( -----> school ), i think i will have some time at 19:00-20:00 (CET), i will post new updates ( upgrading the ‘‘sidewalk platform’’ )

Thank you!

( Hehe, i thought ‘‘board’’ means the board below the cart, and i made it closer to the cart. I will change it as it was. This was fault because my bad english knowledge :confused: Sorry ) ( as seen on 2nd image in this comment )



This morning i made some updates ( because i didn’t had time at night ).
I made the carts closer to the platform, as Orinoco said, made some handrail(?), and a much more small fixes.

( Maybe the big pillairs are too wavy, and they look line an underwater scene :confused: )

Yea… the pillars definitely should be straight, The distance change you made looks correct.

Hello again!

Thank you harleynut97, i fixed those problems.

Today i made a bench and a litter box. I didn’t wanted to make them modern, but from 1960-80 maybe. ( the wooden bench with big bolts )
I hope you like it, if not, please answer back, what i made wrong.

If you are going for an abandoned look, you must think about the effects of aging on your materials. There is nothing about the passage of time that would cause steel beams or pipe to become wavy. They might rust, connections might corrode and break, beams might fall and bend columns they are still attached to. But to deform a steel column as you have shown would require something like a blow from a wrecking ball.

The forces acting on your structure are mainly wind and rain. Roofs leak, wood rots, panels blow around and fall off. Ceiling panels fall out of their frames and drop to the floor. Trash blows in and accumulates in nooks and crannies. Storms and strong winds can cause everything to sway, and that repetitive motion can loosen bolts and screws and break connections.

Do a search on abandoned industrial buildings to see some of the damage time can cause to unmaintained structures. Use those images to inform your work.

Thank you Orinoco.

I accept your suggestion, you are right.
Sorry for not commenting for long time.
I made some vines ( it will have more branching with leaves ), made some improvement on benches too.

What do you think about the railings? It’s too wavy, or it will look nice with textures in this form?
( Naturally there will be a lot more things, bolts, concrete, junks, pieces, trash etc )


And made some leaves ( for the ground )

Some junk and trash ( for asphalt/concrete )
But i will texture only later

( You can download and use these images if you want )