Abandoned Barn

Greetings, another landscape, western US. Mountains are an image. Trees modeled with Grove3D. Textures from Poliigon and Textures.com. A few elements from Blender Market and some grass from Blender Guru. Blender 2.79
Critiques welcome, though I’m moving on. I want to learn more about Blender, sculpting, animation, etc. But I keep coming back to landscapes. It’s just fun.



I’d make the foreground darker and leave the background hot.

The viewers eye needs a place to rest.

It’s not too bad but honestly, there’s A LOT to improve. First of all, it’s overexposed and it really hurts. It also needs more visual interest because I feel like the building is not enough to grab viewers’ attention. That mountain in the background does not look right and you should keep in mind that there’s always certain amount of atmosphere visible from a certain distance depending on weather/time of the day.

As it was already said, there is no place for the eye to rest, everything is stuffed with details and it’s not a good thing as some places have to be more “calm”. And the last thing that I’m not sure about is the amount of DoF you used. IMO, those leaves in the foreground should be more blurry.

TL;DR Find out some more things about composition, darken the image A LITTLE BIT and give our eyes a respite from that burning sun. Also post processing since it looks like an image that got taken straight from Blender.

Thank you WeakFredo for the comment! And thank you Scoped for the critique! Your posts are pretty amazing, really appreciate you taking the time. I’ve since added atmospherics and darkened the foreground. But I do want to convey a sense of dry parched land. I do wish the image told more of a story and adding a character would no doubt help.

This already looks a lot better.

Good job.