Abandoned Bathroom - Realtime Photorealistic Environment

This is my most recent project, an abandoned bathroom scene made in Blender with the help of the Megascans library and textures.com, as well as the Sketchfab asset library.

Everything you see here is rendered in EEVEE, Blenders Real-time render engine, in an attempt to achieve photorealism in real-time inside of Blender, instead of exporting to external software such as Unreal Engine.

A bunch of the texturing was done procedurally in Blender too, which was really fun figuring out a bunch of different techniques for grunge, edge wear, etc. To get proper reflections instead of just Screen Space Reflections, I baked the reflections in the mirrors with a Reflection Cubemap.

I really recommend you check out the video, you get to see the full scope of the scene.

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Sketchfab models by Xill, Yaiyeondurising, and Shining Salt were used while creating this scene.