Abandoned Camera

My entry for the Yafaray Annual Contest. This year the theme was ‘Abandoned Classic’.

I replaced the attachment with a better image (Thanks michalis):-

Hi res:-

wow that looks good! Im gonna need a wire frame. is this blender?

Wires (sort of):-

wip:- http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3444

Nice, look completely photo realistic to me. Hope you win.

Awarded second place:-

Congratulations! It is my personal favorite. Can just image everything it saw, all the fun it had right up until the new guy showed up.

very nice work! it looks so real and congratulations on second place.

One of the most realistic renders I’ve ever seen.

5* from me!

Great model-render!!!
A gradient problem though. Use 32 bit export (hdr)

I saved the raw render as .exr. If the problem you are referring to is in the attachment, it is because I had to reduce the file size to 240 KB to get blenderartists to accept it.

EDIT - Actually, thanks for bringing it up, I think I reduced the file size to 140 KB :o Edited first post too.

Try this one:-

You uploaded again? Now it looks perfect. Or else, what caused this?
update: but of course the first is a png indexed colors mode.

Just one page of comments?!

This is one of the best (if not the best) camera renders I’ve ever seen, it’s really nicely presented. May I ask how you modeled the lens grip? Did you use an array modifier?

Thanks for the compliment :smiley:

To be fair though, Yafaray did all the hard work.

Yes I used the Array modifier. I first set up a diagonal array, then added another and looped them round into a tube shape.

Here is a close-up:-

Here is an image I made to go with the camera:-

beautiful work!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like it. To be fair though, some of the credit should go to the Yafaray developers.

The render engine did all the hard work, I just pushed the buttons.


Yeah, we should give some of credit (and a big thanks) to developers for this awesome render engine!
But I think the model and the textures were doesn’t made with Yafaray, right?
Like you said, YOU pushed the buttons, so, you are the artist behind this great work. :wink:

Just curious, how you was in the contest?
Keep up the good work!

I was second. Jaktens tid won with his awesome concept and render, and Kellyq was third with a georgeous old phone:-

I think a special mention should go to mookie, who I’m sure would have had a winner, if he had been able to submit in time:-

Also, there is some talk of a possible Winter Contest if you are interested:-

wow really nice work! it’s great to see renders of this quality.

Great work, but why is there a shadow beneath the lower left strap connector? Isn’t that supposed to be on the ground?