Abandoned hideout

Kitbashed models scattered and rendered in Blender


Nice work there. Well done for the hard work :+1:

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Neat! Are those 3D scanned cars? Where did you get them?

Yes, you can grab them for free in Sketchfab!

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Are they by Renafox by any chance? I thought I recognized him :slight_smile:

Please do remember that free downloads from Sketchfab are all Creative Commons Attribution, so you’re required to add proper credits for all assets you use.

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Sorry, I don’t remember and I thought I have to credit only if I were using it commercially. Next time I will make a note. Thanks for the heads up!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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anyone know the name of the first car?

(pre)-“milinieal falcon” (pun intended), ford’s 60s/70s foray into the compact marked was called falcon.

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Fun fact, I used to drive a 60’s Falcon. I can’t remember which year, but it looked like that one (but more in one piece).

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You can find the models here guys

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The red car could be an XK or an XM Ford Falcon.

It is very similar to the 1964 Ford XM Falcon Deluxe 170 Pursuit sedan which was based on the American XK Falcon but was partially re-engineered by Ford’s Australian factory. Aussie Ford engineers beefed up the suspension and improved the gearbox and steering, wtih some minor cosmetic changes (front grill, headlight surrounds and bumper)

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Ah, so these cars weren’t modelled they were scanned and loaded into Blender?

Nice scene though by the way.

Thanks, I thought there was only in Latin America