Abandoned House


First of all, it looks good. But you didnt post your Work here to just read “Good job”.

So i see a few problems.

  1. The Windows. Why is the outside world white ? I mean i know why, because its a hell of a lot work to model the World outside of windows but this is just lazy. I get the feeling that there is a supernova happening there. So maybe add a Desert landscape. That would fit the rest of the Picture.

  2. The Paint on the Walls looks to flat. Use a Displacement Modifier

  3. What is the Robot trying to get ? I would be nice if you add the think the Robot is holding its hand out for.

  4. Why is there Ash on the floor, and sand on the Wall ? There is no place where fire could have been so where is the Ash coming from ? Maybe its dust but then the Question is, why is there so much dust ?

I really like the Floor. It looks very professionell. Also the General Modeling is very good.

Have a nice day !

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Cute little character !

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I humbly disagree with this one @Mr_Science. This lighting setup matches a photographs dynamic range quite well. Do this yourself if you like. Take a picture inside your home with the only light coming from a window making sure you expose for the room to get it nice and bright and tell me if the light coming from the window is totally white or if you can see detail. We photographers have to cheat in order to get non-white windows by taking multiple shots and merging them post production, and if that is not done right it looks fake. Now if you wanted him to make a picture closer to what our eyes see then this suggestion makes sense, but keep in mind that our eyes are cheating by dynamically adapting rod and cone sensitivity to get the exposure that you see when there is a massive dynamic range of light.

Also from what I can tell there is a small amount of detail coming from the window. It suggests that there is something that was modeled outside or either that a background picture or HDRI. The title abandoned house could explain why this house has sand and dust inside from years and years of no one living it.


thank you I took it from subway game

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great explane

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I know. I make Pictures myself and i am well aware that it is hard to make a shot like this without any Withe areas. Or any crazy withe spots.
My point is that i think it is lazy to do it like this. I prefer a darker shot with a big landscape at the outside.
I dont see any detail but maybe my Beamer isnt that good at Highlights.

I know but why is there so much dust at this spot ? Makes no sense.

will i dont understand in realistic stuffs, but i like the render alot, specially the dust on the air, its really amazing