Abandoned Warehouse

Hi there,

After a long break and a Hard Drive Crash i am back to my modelling. I have decided to move away from Sci-Fi and do a abandoned Warehouse. Here is what reference i am working off.

Now this is what i have done so far. Please note this is far from Complete, so have not worked on the lighting or the materials.

Would love to hear what you guys think.


Pretty good. So far it matches to your reference.

Where did you find that reference? It looks really cool.

Good luck with the texturing! :smiley:


Moxiecrimefight I found a lot on Flickr and decided to do this one. There are also a lot on google images.

Thanks but I have been thinking about that a few days ago before I started. I think the best way to tackle this is to sort the lighting out then get what is finished in the picture textured and then texture as I go along. If I try and do it at the end I will pull my hair out lol!!!

I would suggest importing uvs in photoshop and create nice textures there, it takes some time but you can add as many details as you want without using texture painting (I think it adds a lot of weight to the file).

That is what exactly what I was going to do. You are right about adding as many details as I want!!

Hi there Guys,

This is not a major update but work has been slow. I have put some base textures down and worked alittle on the lighting. The lighting is not 100% perfect but get closer. Hope you guys like it.



Excellent choice … keep going …

Thanks sawxy will do. Going to take me along time to do this!!

looking good. Perhaps just add a bit more light coming in from the left opening!

Wow great idea to start texturing so early on!! Clever :slight_smile:

It’s looking great so far, keep going!

Yeah I agree, thanks for the spot!

thanks for the encouragement! Don’t worry I will keep going but will take me awhile!!

After a great deal of thought I have decided to put this on hold as my texturing skills are no where near good enough to do this justice. Thanks!!!

The lighting and texture will be a bear with this HDR/tone mapped (I think?) image. Will you add the foreground railing and catwalk? and there’s a strange architectural strangeness about that railing and opening halfway back at center. I wonder if the original image wasn’t Photoshopped to take something out - that little portion of railing doesn’t seem logical since it’s more dangerous than safe!

Also, with the railing missing entirely there, it seems the ceiling should have an unloader or some sort of mechanism for elevating things to the second level. The photo doesn’t have this but is that a consideration you’ll add to the model?