abe lincoln model

i need a abe linclon model like in the monument him sitting but looking down into his lap a little …i have a stove,oven/scene i need to place in his lap then light him/scene with some dramatic spots in cycles…anybody down for 100 bucks??? thru paypal . i know its not much but its for a new political cooking show i really need the help

I could do this, but it probably wouldn’t be that detailed, does it need to be? $100 would be good, and paypal is OK as well. Are you on a tight deadline with this? Thanks in advance,

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Saw your post, thought I would give it a try. So far I have a basic sculpt of his head. still needs a lot of work, but I think Im getting there. so far I have about 2 hours in it.

Hey I would definitely be able to do it. But I see a few people have already committed to your request. If I’m going to create this model for you, I would need your word. I wouldn’t want to spend my time creating a model just to have you tell me you don’t need one anymore because somebody else has already done the job.

Anyway, check out my work, and if you like what you see, give me your word and I should be able to get it done in a couple days. However, I wouldn’t use blender to get it done. I would use Zbrush and Maya, then export as an OBJ. I believe the UVs would be included.

Here’s my website:


Hey you get the help. Now all the best for your show.

after 3 more hours of work, here is what i have so far. still needs a lot of work. but im getting closer.