ABLEConf 2008

Hey all,

This Saturday, September 20, 2008 in Tempe, AZ (USA) the first ever ABLEConf will be taking place. If you are in AZ I’d recommend coming if possible. Additionally, if you are in AZ and not in the Metro Phoenix area, people from around the state are trying to arrange ride shares to reduce the cost for everyone making a trip.

To find out more about the conference, the location, and the ride sharing go to

I was asked to put together a gallery of images created with FLOSS tools. Given that I primarily work with Inkscape and am typically in that community, most images I currently have are from Inkscape. At this point, we could really use whatever blender work people would be willing to have publicly displayed. So… that leads to the following request (note that it’s generic, I really am looking for as much Blender stuff as we can get hence posting in this forum):

If you have any images created/edited/composited with any FLOSS tools such as Inkscape, The GIMP, Krita, Karbon14, Blender, Scribus, or your other favorite open source apps please send me a private message. We’d love to display your work and credit you appropriately (it’s a great way to get free advertising if you’re looking for contract work or exposure for your art). Note that were looking for Illustrations, Design (web, logos, marketing materials, etc), diagrams, blueprints, photography (obviously color corrected, manipulated, etc), industrial or trade related images, and the list could go on. A focus of the conference and this image gallery is to show the small businesses how versatile and powerful the tools available are.

Oh, and if you want to pass on the word too that would be more than welcome! :slight_smile: