about Bilinear filter (in 2.49)...

it is comming the new Blender 2.49, and i don´t know if it is included already in the new version but, i want to comment it.

up to the 2.48a, the Bilinear filter (for textures) can not be changed to Trilinear or Anisotropic in any way…(i did search about it and nobody know how to change).

it is a great earn in quality, and is not expensive to the realtime render. We will get A LOT of more QUALITY with Trilinear filter with regards to Bilineal.

i want to suggest to be included by default the Trilineal filter for Textures in the Game Engine. And the possibility to can change to Anisotropic if you want use it.

Currently the hardware is a lot of Powerfull, we are not in the Voodoo 2 age already… the earn in quality is more than the FPS that you will lose using Trilineal or Anisotropic with regards to Bilineal…

best regards.

Thank you for your comment josecm.
Now we know!

The only way to use anisotropic filtering in Blender viewports or “GE” game engine is to activate " anisotropic filtering" in the graphic card driver ( manualy, and restart application ). No way in blender
If you set "controled by application in the graphic card drivers, blender use mipmap with bilinear filtering…too old filtering…
cordialement, Pit

yes i knew it, but you will see too the “lines” of the bilinear filtering.:frowning:

In my computer, i don’t see the lines when anisotropic4x 8x 16x is active on my graphic card! Are you sure? can i see a screenshot?

yes i was making it…:yes: (with anisotropic 4X):


in attachement, an example of real time rendering with anisotropic activated.


it is more noticeable when you are moving, you can see the “lines” when the high resolution mipmap changes to the next lower resolution one.

and is more noticeable when you are looking a plane surface at a low angle (like the floor).

ok i see, lighter than in bilinear standard :wink: i don’t know if another game engine can do better than that. may be.

yes, blitz 3d, Unity…, in short, any one that uses TRILINEAL filtering in the textures.

Have you send something to bugTracker? how about it in blender 2.5?

in Blender 2.50 looks equal…:no:

it is a “request feature”, it is not a bug itself.