About Blender Hirise DTM Importer making Martian terrain

I saw it on the github website, it can be used for Blender Hirise DTM Importer plugin of Blender 2.8+ version
I followed the HiRISE DTM Importer for Blender tutorial and downloaded the .IMG file and .JP2 file from the HiRISE website and imported it into Blender 2.9. When I opened the EEVEE and Cycles renderers, the materials could not be displayed normally.
Excuse me, how do you make it? Can you share a tutorial on how to use Blender Hirise DTM Importer to create Martian terrain and add new materials in Blender 2.8 or Blender 2.9?
Download link of Blender Hirise DTM Importer plug-in that can be used in Blender 2.8+

HiRISE DTM Importer for Blender

Can you post a screenshot of the viewport to see how the material looks?

I just tried and it works fine here.
Paired with Physical Atmosphere it’s a perfect combo:

Two things:

  • These maps are huge, camera clipping needs to be adjusted (the one I imported is at 10% of the resolution).
  • The jpg comes with a blank area which may show up in the render.