About Curve edit mode

Scenario : I create a curve from Top view (ortho ) after that use twist to a curve now all arrows is parallel direction iform a twist

now what i want to make it Flat Again
make the arrow same angle not twisting

PS : im avoiding twist tool where you can fix it by eyeballing
and if there a many vertex in beziere curve or a shape all arrow twisted it will be difficult to fix one by one

i want accurate or more intuitive like for example
similar method to Scale Command when you want to align a Vertex on a diagonal line to make it straight light I hit Coordinate XYZ
and type 0 it will align

is there any command for this like
Flatten / Reset Default Angle or make The Angle of All Arrow The Same?

or do i need to manually fix this by using twist tool?

You can clear tilt (Curve -> Control Points -> Clear Tilt, Alt+T by default). You can also control the exact angle in the properties region (N), Transform panel.

thank you this is what im looking for