About faxing with a twist

So. I am in desperate need of a fax machine, which I have absolutely no intention of buying, since I have neither the money nor the space for it. Thus I am very excited about this one idea a friend of mine, now abroad, gave me. I can’t say that I believe it, really, but if it were possible, it’d save me from a lot of trouble:

Is it possible to send and receive faxes using an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, a dsl connection over the phone line and some software?

It sounds too good to be true, but all the components are there, aren’t they? So has anybody had any experience with this and if it turns out to be impossible, then do you have any suggestions regarding fax machines?


yea it works fine I used to do it you need a regular phone line conected to your computer not dsl I have windows XP and all the soft ware is included. I dont do this any more because I have dsl and I can only make local calls on my land line I would have to switch the phone line every time I wanted to fax and use a calling card.I would get a real fax they dont cost that much and are quicker and easer to use.

Start -> control panel -> printers and other hardware -> printers and faxes -> Set up Faxing (in the printer tasks thing on the left)

You need a scanner and a 56k modem

You can also recieve faxes, i think its pretty much the same way except you have to convince your PC to answer the phone

Right, found that - but is there no way to use the feature without a dial-up connection?

I tried faxing in OS X once just to test it because one of my relatives wanted to try out a new fax machine at work. It’s built-in so you just open the document then file_menu>print_dialogue>fax.

I wouldn’t use the feature since I find it far easier to use e-mail and faxes aren’t that great quality. It takes forever to send big files too and you are paying money for each one you send.

It would be nice if there was a free service to use broadband but it’s similar to Skype. You need to convert the digital signal into analogue.

the fax dosnt go to the internet it goes to anoter fax through the phone line it doesnt mater what kind of conection you have. what maters is can you hook a regular phone line up to your computer. you need a modem for that.