About GE and possible bugs in mesh edition and sequencer.

With the new baking options I stopped my test with baked radiosity:

Soon I hope to have time to start new tests with baked ambient oclussion (I hope we could bake from Yafray renders someday) + faked reflexion maps and some shader from the shaders guys of Blender artists (it would be interesting to have a blender GLSL repository)

I want to report 2 bugs in blender project page, but I am not sure if any of it are bugs, or I am doing something wrong, or if It are already reported.

First bug: When I select vertex, edges of faces in brush mode with “limit selection to visible” on blender and antialiasing on my nvidia drivers turned on, it selects random faces, edges etc of the object.


Second bug: When I put any movie+audio HD in the sequencer the audio track is short than the video track.


Thank you very much, for reading this.

Please somebody says if this errors are errors or something and if it are common. Thanks.

(Errors tested on blender official binaries and compiled cvs on Ubuntu 6.10 32 bits)

A quick guess, but is your audio time-based while your video is frame based? If it’s frame-based, notice that your Blender is set there to 25 fps. If it’s PAL video, then you’re right, it should sync up. But if the fps of the video is different than 25, then it won’t line up. Change the fps in Blender to the appropriate value and things should sync.

Thanks, I thought that before but I stupidly ignore that solution (even I changed the fps after put the tracks but not before) because other editing/compositing programs I use sync automatically the tracks no matter the fps or video/audio type. Now I have problems with some videos which the multimedia programs give me wrong fps, and I have to try different fps in blender to sync up, but this is a different history :D. Thank you very much. Soon I will report the other bug which a true bug.

I did the test with a video which I know the fps exactly (15 fps), but the video still have one second more than the audio (more than 15 frames). The cinelerra did something similar too, do you know how to avoid this problem?

Hmmm. Could audio sample rate be the problem? You go to the Sound Block buttons, which are a subcontext (the little wavy thing) of the Scene buttons (F10). There you’ll see controls for using 44.1 kHz vs. 48.0 kHz. Try switching that setting, then pressing recalc. If that works, you owe me a beer. :smiley:

I tested it but, has I thought, this option only affects at wav sound datablocks, it doesn’t change anything in the tracks of the sequencer. In the last post I wroted, I make a mistake, the fps of this test video was 18 fps, but today I see the exact fps with mplayer, and the fps are 18.601 (due to this the difference of 15 or more between the video and audio track). The problem is that the blender only take integer values for the fps :frowning:

Yep. That’s the syncing problem right there. Try a tool like VirtualDub which will let you load and change the fps of a video (it won’t resample anything, just change the rate the frames are played at). I don’t know off the top of my head how to do it with VD, but I have done it before. GL.

Bug reported in blender project, and sequencer request posted in blender wiki :smiley: