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I have a problem with my new project. I made stylized hair with the new “empty hair” system of 3.3 and the geometry nodes. The problem is that I can’t find a way to convert my hair strands to mesh. The modifier doesn’t want to apply even when I do a “make instance real”. Any Idea ?

It is possible, here is how:

Step one: select your curves>object>convert>Particle system (see picture)

Step 2: select your object>modifires>Convert to Mesh (see this picture)

Step 3: you have just created new object (mesh) with the name Mesh. Btw it is a duplicate of the original, so you still have the original one with geo nodes.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Your method works to convert curves. The problem is that I lose the geometry applied on the curves…

I attach to the post an blender file. ==>
example.zip (476.4 KB)

I’ll look at it tomorrow, hopefully there is some solution.

Not sure this is the most efficient method but one thing you can do is add a mesh object. Add a geometry nodes nodetree to it, bring the hair object geometry with an object info output (in relative mode), connect that geometry to the output. Then you apply that modifier and you get your hair as a mesh.

Eventually the “convert to mesh” option should work but I guess it hasn’t been implemented for this case yet.


I’m new to geometry nodes and I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are explaining. Here is what I understand (but I don’t think it is what you are telling me to do)

I hope so because my project is stuck with this problem :cry:

The object info node should be on the new object, the one that is a mesh, bringing the info from the hair object, and connected to the first group output, like this:

Then you apply the geometry nodes modifier on that mesh object.

The reason you can’t apply the geometry nodes on your curves object is because your node tree is converting the hair to a mesh, but the object’s type is still curves and applying a modifier currently can’t convert object types. But with the method I’m suggesting, you bring, via geometry nodes, the result of your nodes on your curves object, to a mesh object, so when you apply the modifier there it doesn’t have to convert the object type. (I hope I’m not making this too confusing, this is a bit technical and english is not my first language)


You are a genius, it works. I’ll add more info below with the screenshot to join several hair curves at once. Thanks for the help !

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