About renderfarms

Hello everyone,

i am trying to make an animation for a friend, and i have some questions about rendering.
The animation is 4100 frames, so in my pc it needs about 3 days to render. My friend needs it
by tonight or tomorrow morning so i started searching for render farms. But i am not sure i can
understand how much does it cost and how much time will it take.

Does anyone know in average how much will it cost for the animation to render and how much time
will it take? I tried these cost estimation each render farm has on their site, but when i try to upload and start the
actual render, the estimated time and budget is way off.

I am really sorry for all the questions, and if i am wrong somewhere please correct me.

You pretty much need to contact the admins for the farms you’ve tried and ask, as costs and capabilities vary quite a bit. Chances are the estimations are based on some pretty basic parameters, along with well-optimized scenes (which is a good idea to work out before you get pushed up against a deadline). Once you start exceeding those baseline values time (and cost) can increase quickly.

Asked nicely they might be willing to throw a few suggestions your way to make it faster, or give a more realistic timeframe.

Maybe another poster here could offer better options if you post a little more information, like render settings.

Price directly depends on what you are rendering, so there is no “average” cost. Most commercial render farms offer some kind of cost estimator, where you can choose the processor you have (or analogous speed wise, check cpubenchmark.com), the time it takes to render a frame on your computer and number of frames. But it is only an estimate, so I would advise to test the actual cost with a short sequence from the most demanding part of your animation.