About the ATI Cards... And my problems with blender...

Well, I bought a new laptop, well, I got it for my birthday… It has an ATI Card, an ATI Radeon 200m to be exact. Well, a while back I posted here asking about why my latest and greatest laptop is running blender’s interface slowly, it renders at the speed of light, but interface is really bad, I got the following answer…

“ATI’s Open GL support is horrible, there isn’t much you can do about it, there is a hack type thing you can do…”

This “hack” involved using Nvida’s Open GL drivers, but I’m afraid to go and get them and lose something vital to my card working.

Can the Blender makers, or anyone who does Blender builds, make an alternate interface? Like, Direct 3D? I know it’s not open source, but why not have like, the shop sales go toward getting a different interface support? Then Nvida users, AND ATI users can use Blender efficiently.

Another thing, just in case this isn’t my GFX Card, I’m running an AMD Turion x64 on a standard Windows XP Pro OS. When I go to run Blender, and open Task Manager, my CPU usage hits 100 anytime I navigate menus or move an object!!! Is it my graphics card? (Which is a motherboard integrated.

So, back to my original question, is there any other fix to my slow blender dilemma? other than the makers redesigning the interface? Or me hacking in an Nvida driver?