About the Blender Development Discussion category

Welcome to the Blender 2.8 category. This is a dedicated section of the forum specifically for discussing new Blender development in the big migration to the 2.8 series. That means everything from Code Quest projects and the Spring open movie to Eevee rendering and the new Interactivity Engine.

We encourage you to use tagging in this category as much as possible so we can keep things organized. Any news or updates should include a #news tag. Tests with new 2.8 features should use the #blendertest tag. You can also post ideas for features using the #idea tag, but please know that this is not an official channel for feature requests.

When you post here, try to do your due diligence and make sure that someone hasn’t already brought it up. Of course, if your topic hasn’t been mentioned yet, then definitely make a new thread for it.

Here’s some background on why we opened this new category - please read the final message:

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This is ridiculous. I’ve been around since the Blender.nl days, and this is the first time I’ve seen mods tell users they can’t have a Blender X.X development thread. That was the only thread I frequented since you lot made those heinous forum changes, and now you’ve taken it away. Not interested in seeking scraps of knowledge distributed over multiple threads, either. What we had was preferable, even with all the off topic nonsense.

Stop telling people what they can post, stop closing or locking people out of threads for X number of hours, and stop treating users like children. 2.8 is contentious. Let them argue their points.

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That’s not what we did - the ‘mega thread’ was becoming unusable and leading to more and more problems. By opening a 2.8 specific category it’s now much easier to have more focused conversations about all kinds of 2.8 related topics - including development.

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No, that’s exactly what the mods did. Someone tried to open a new Blender 2.8 development thread and were told in no uncertain terms that they weren’t allowed to do it. You guys run the forum, so you can ultimately do whatever you please - all I can do is post my objection.

You ever considered asking your users for their opinions before deciding what they can post? I can’t be the only one who is annoyed by the removal of a main development thread.

Someone tried to continue the megatopic and we did not allow that. Conversations will need to be more focused than that.

Between us, the moderator team has a LOT of community management experience under their belt and we know what we’re doing. So no, such decisions are not going to be based on some kind of ‘vocal minority vote’.

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Hi. The correct name for the version is 2.80, not 2.8.