About the Forum Gallery category

A collection of the best artwork posted on these forums (selected by our moderators)

I’d like to understand something about this category :
it features both artwork that’s been on the top row at some point but also some additional very good artwork. But if those were also picked by the admins, why not have put them on the top row too ? Was it not good enough ?

Generally, anything in the gallery could qualify for the feature row. However, in the previous version of the forum, populating the feature row was a somewhat time-consuming process… especially if you’re just doing one every now and then throughout the week. I would typically batch them and change the whole row in one go, once[-ish] a week. Oftentimes, there were more than 5 pieces that would qualify for going up there… often more than 5. So I would pick the top ones and then move the rest to the gallery.

That clarifies it.
So is the process simpler in Discourse ? And if so, does that mean that from now on, every artwork that goes in the Forum gallery also goes in the feature row ?

The process is more simple. Moderators just tag a thread as being #featured.

As for every gallery piece going to the feature row, I wouldn’t guarantee that. Everything that’s a feature will definitely go in the gallery. The reverse isn’t guaranteed.